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  1. PAUL says:


  2. TNaya says:

    Amen! Very accurate!

  3. holy yoly says:

    the church is in a crisis,our countries are in crisis,our families are in crisis,the devil has stolen too much from us.Believers we need to pray in tongues more now then ever .How can we sit and allow marriages to gays,marriage is only between a man and a woman.

  4. holy yoly says:

    Christians we have a dangerous weapon its call praying in tongues.I was healed from fibroids by praying in tongues for hours daily,i have seen changes in my family one by one they are accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior.Christians we have a gift from God and its our protection from the enemy ,seek this gift if you don’t have it and those who have please use it daily.

  5. holyyoly says:

    I cant emphasize enough the importance of this awesome gift that God has given to us .Christians we are in a spiritual war arise and use your weapon praying in tongues for hours daily.

  6. holyyoly says:

    praying in tongues is the arsenal weapon for the church christians need to pray in tongues more and stop listening to the lies of the enemy

  7. Raymond says:

    Isn’t there a difference in our own prayer tongue and the different kinds of tongue we use when bringing a message? Isn’t this a valid ministry in 1 Cor 12:28? It is also classed as a gift of the Spirit or manifestation of the Spirit. Surely this is not just speaking in tongues but bringing a message with a different (divers) kind of tongue where God speaks to others. I cannot believe a gift of the Spirit is in operation when people are just praying or praising God as an interpretation which seems to be the norm in a lot of non pentecostal churches.

    • admin says:

      Hi Raymond,

      In public, the message given in the interpretation of tongues should be one that edifies the body of Christ present. Speaking in tongues with interpretation (by the one speaking in tongues) is the same as prophecy. The only difference is prophecy is bringing forth God’s message in the language of the people present; whereas tongues needs to be interpreted, but is also bringing forth God’s message to the people present.

      Below defines the difference between a messge from God in the congregation vs personal prayer when speaking in tongues.

      In private prayer life speaking in tongues – is perfect prayer and praise

      In public speaking in tongues with interpretation – will be a messge from the Lord to the body of Christ present that will edify or build up those present. Very often it is Scripture to meet particular needs of those present, or it may be a confirmation of the message of a sermon that will take place, or it may be a warning to be alert to some impending danger. It is totally up to the Lord what His message will contain; however, I have never known it to be prayer and praise.

      I hope you find this information helpful.

      God Bless!

  8. Anthony says:

    How do you know whether a person is speaking in tongues? How can the person speaking know they aren’t participating in human babble or worse yet, speaking on behalf of a demonic spirit? Also, why would the Spirit use this gift today? Wouldn’t the Spirit recognize the lost message on ears that could not understand?

    • admin says:

      Anthony, thank you for your comments.

      About speaking in tongues (SIT)

      First, I would think that a person would suspect that they are babbling, if they are not more convinced, than any doubts they wrestle with that it is God’s will for the body of Christ to speak in tongues. When a person speaks in genuine tongues, they will know that the words expressed are of a character that is not coming from them. A serious study of this topic should be very helpful to show God’s will for believers to speak in tongues. To babble will not harm the person, but they will not be speaking in tongues.

      Second, the devil’s counterfeit: How to test tongues

      The devil will control or possess the speech processes of an individual under his influence. The person will not be able to start or stop at will. Genuine tongues is always under the free will of the believer to operate; they can start or stop at will.

      Another way the devil can counterfeit – is to fill the mind with the words, in which the person repeats words coming to their mind. The mind has nothing to do with tongues, but the HS fills us and guides our words as we choose to use our speech process to speak in tongues. I believe this is God’s way of protecting us from falsehood. God will not possess us, or go against our free will. God will take opportunities to confirm the genuineness of operating in this manifestation.

      Lastly, Anthony, I suggest you go back and read the article again, because I do explain the purpose of SIT. For ex., it’s perfect prayer etc. If you were in trouble and needed immediate prayer, God is able to inspire intercession for you, in which, the person speaking in tongues will pray perfectly for you because it’s by the HS. Miracles and answered prayer have come through this type of intercession.

      Also – When SIT in congregation, they must interpret their tongue, so there is understanding. In private, God speaks to our hearts and illuminates our minds with answered prayer, so He does not need someone to interpret. See the benefits of SIT

      I hope this information is helpful to you.

      PS: Also let me say this, it is always awkward at first to SIT, and very normal to experience some anxiety in trusting God in such a big way, but with experience and growth in confidence, you will see that God is faithful to fulfill His will in us.

      God Bless!

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