Jesus Christ as the True Vine

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  1. Regardo Lim says:

    Sorcerer of Ysrael.!

    By the power of O , God of the Living God
    I call upon Gehenna! Let the sea of galilee swim in the four sides of this living earth?
    That the battalion demon jackals resurrect in the fire of the Lord! Begone! Begone. Tnhat in the crucifixion of the Cross we depend! Rise up souls!?By Christ’s chalice I send Beelzebub to Hell!
    By the Master’s cross I eat the bread of life.
    Let the Martyrs be awaken in this carnal life?
    For God gave us weapons tton destroy the armies of Darkness? Begone! Begone!
    Till death do us par!t, Let my soul enter
    the cloud of heaven and God’s abode.
    And christ came to devour the World!
    Shing stars of Gold attack! For you have witness the ancient secrets of our master in worship!
    That in all Things God maybe glorified!
    Die pigs of Satan! Revive children of God! The “Battle is the Lord’s!”

    – Amen!

  2. Son Of. Thunder says:

    jesus loves you that satan possess you; Need not to fear! In christ we worship! I want that soul to deny me but satan destroyed my disciple!
    In my Father’s has many dimension!
    That in my Mother’s grave, die Lucifer! Die!
    In my death ! Tour’e forgiven! Amen

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