Biblical Doctrines

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  1. PAUL says:


  2. Evan says:

    This is very powerful information i would encourage people to read and enjoy as the holy spirit ministers to your soul

  3. Adrian Edwards says:

    Good stuff. God bless you. hold on to the unchanging hand of God and REMEMBER that though we preach the Gospel we have nothing to glory of, its only because necessity is laid upon us. God bless you

  4. Julius Marvin Tagalog says:

    i really understand the fact of life right now, its not just what you have or what you can give it also starts with you as yourself cause if you start right at yourself, the manifestation of all the people surrounds you will believe for what they see from you as a Child of God a newly born again Christian. It is true that Jesus broke his body for us and him to became whole, and the blood shed to us for us to be cleanse. Thanks for the inspirational and Wordy segment that i read it really helps me a lot to touch others life by sharing the word of God.

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