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  1. PAUL says:


  2. Virginia says:

    Very thoughtful good commentary in the articles I have read and very similar to my own understanding as a Christian Scientist who has experienced Bible-based, Truth-based, Christ-based, Jesus-based healing innumerable times and of every sort of problem. I’ve been researching Paul’s admonitions about putting on the whole armor of God and wrestling against principalities, which is how I ended up on your site. (Which, I must say, I will visit often and which was of great benefit!) I have been pondering these topics because the deceiver of this world is trying to make me believe an evil deception is being perpetrated against me by a single person. I know to see it that way (as a person originating a deceit or evil action) will be never to heal it, never to deal with it. I have to discover the real source and wrestle against that — not against flesh and blood (a person), but against the ruling darkness of this world if I am really to heal it. Knowing, all the while, that God is doing the healing transforming work in my own consciousness! (God surely led me to your site!) I must see my human challenge or trial as the darkness of this world coming up against the power of God, good, to rule on earth as in heaven. And then listen, be led, and see the salvation (health, harmony) of our God in my human life and experience, and I will. I always do. I’ve been sensing a spiritual breakthrough in this area. You have contributed to this. I wish you much success in the area you’re developing on healing. It’s there for you, as it’s been for me — always; and for everyone.

  3. Debra Steiger says:

    Thank you definitions of “Fear of the Lord”. I liked all the Scripture references and how it ministered to me.

    God’s blessings,


  4. Larry Ron Kali says:

    Sadly, I must admit my poor acceptance of the need to be watchful and to pray constantly. Thank you for bringing again to my attention this very important aspect of my Christian walk.

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