Hello world!  My name is Magdalene; I live in New York, USA.   My website, Battle in Christ, is very special to me, because it allowed me to share the deeper side of my heart and faith, but more importantly, this website is dedicated to the Lord, with the hope of ministering to others God’s Truth and love, and exposing the works of darkness by that truth and love, as we travel on this sometimes very difficult path of life, and to connect and say, “we are traveling together.”  Although, I know there are times we may feel that we are traveling alone.

This is my first time using wordpress, and I want to utilize it as an extension of my main website.  My son talked me into giving wordpress a try, in which he said, “Happy people use it :) .”  I will be filling these pages, to the best of my ability, with things that are hopefully worthy.

God Bless!


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