Hello! I am presently in the process of constructing this sub-site of Spiritual Warfare: The World, the Flesh, the Devil, and the Glory of God ( battleinchrist.com), and pray that with the help of the Lord, these pages will become a reflection of things that really matter, a place of support and information for practical application in thwarting the deceptions and works of the kingdom of darkness against us, and that this website will be an inspiration towards helping to bring victory to all those seeking victory.

The various topics that will be covered include deliverance as it relates to evil entities (Satan & his kingdom of darkness); strongholds, and the carnal nature (sin, psychological evil, abuse), also a definition of terms within a biblical context, prayers, and scriptures. This site is a new addition to battleinchrist.com and I appreciate your patience.

Last update: 6/2011

God Bless!

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