Prayer for Deliverance from Evil Spirits

This is a personal prayer for deliverance:

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Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Heb 4:16).

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up (Jas 4:10)

The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge (defense / high tower) in times of trouble (Psa 9:9)

Prayer of Deliverance:

Gracious Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ’s name, I approach Your throne of grace and ask for your help in my time of need. (Confess here to any known sin or open door that might have led to your situation, and ask for forgiveness and renounce it, or if you are standing but are under satanic attack, state the attack). Protect me and deliver me, Lord, from every evil spirit and evil influence afflicting my life.  I humbly ask and seek your presence, and pray for the wisdom and power of your Holy Spirit, and the presence of your holy angels to help in this matter.  Illuminate my mind with the truth of my situation, and teach me to war against this evil intrusion, Lord, and lead me into the victory of your precious Son, Christ Jesus, Whose blood was shed for me, over 2000 years ago, to deliver and set me free from the power of sin, Satan and his kingdom of darkness.

I plead the blood of Jesus Christ on my life right now, for I am redeemed, justified, cleansed and sanctified by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  I place my trust wholly in You Lord, in your grace and love.  It is You, Lord, Who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 2:14), for your Word says, “you are able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” (Eph. 3:20). I choose to stand on your Truth in faith Lord, strengthen me where I am weak and let my lips praise you all the days of my life.  I confess and believe, Heavenly Father, that all of Your promises in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. Thank you and Amen.

Stand against the enemy with God’s full armor in place:  God’s spiritual armor prepares you for spiritual warfare

Remember to include any revelation received from God, such as name of an entity, or stronghold etc., if so led. Say this prayer as often as needed and for however long it takes (days, weeks or months), don’t get discouraged and never give up. The Lord will lead!

Confront the enemy: Here is an example:

I break the power of every principality, powers, rulers of darkness and wicked spirits in my life, and every evil work directed against me in the Name of Jesus Christ!  I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my life to protect me from the evil one, and I claim the power of the Holy Spirit over all of the kingdom of darkness, for greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. Satan, you and your minions have no authority in my life for I belong to the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am seated with Him in the heavenlies. I command you, evil spirit (s), to let go and leave my life (or body), and I bind you from hurting anyone in the process, in the name of Jesus Christ, GO!

Note: If need be, make use of the spiritual warfare verses found under Pages (right sidebar) to incorporate other scriptures into your prayer of faith.

439 Responses to Prayer for Deliverance from Evil Spirits

  1. Shanell says:

    Hello, everyone, I am a wife and mother of 2, my mother died at a young age, and left me behind, and recently lost my grandfather, i just recently decided to give my life back to God, and ive been having harrassing thoughts of death, and thinking im going to die, to the point where i cant eat or sleep, i am asking for prayers, i dont know why this is happening to me, i am not my normal self, i started taking anti depressants, can you all please pray for me….

  2. Minette speaking out for my son Christian says:

    My son was Dx with PDD-NOS (ASD) at the age of 3. I knew that something was abnormal when he was born. He has had a plethora of professionals to add to his diagnosis’ over the years. He is brilliant but can not concentrate. He is beautiful but can not be still. He can not sleep in peace. Others do not see anything wrong with him. He just doesn’t fit. I have done night terrors, day terrors, hallucinations and lies. He is 15 now. I am so very lost. Every moment of every day is filled with this boy who I love so much. I know something is just below his surface. I haven’t asked for help in a long time. I will begin praying in his room, out loud. I’d appreciate Christian guidance and outreach. I feel silly saying that I have taken my son to someone who could help with evil that attached the very young? I was given scripture that I can not remember now. Please help me remember. I’m giving an overview of what has transpired over the last 16 years. We, as a family, need your prayers!!! Down’s syndrome, congenital heart disease, celiac disease, legal blindness, Type I diabetes and Type II diabetes, colon cancer, as well as mental illness has plagued our family. I believe there is a evil source tormenting my family. Please help us..

  3. Jessica says:

    Hello, my names Jessica and I’m 16. Quite a lot has been going on in my life recently. My family moved from the town I was born and raised in and it had a big effect on me. It’s been almost three years and we now in Montana. I’m doing better with it. In January I went back to Casper for a visit. I ended getting back with my old boyfriend Sawyer. He means so very much to me but I’m sure no one relay wants to hear all the love mushy stuff I have to say about him. He’s very unstable though. He has bad depression and no real friends. I’m the only one he has. He’s tried to kill himself before. I just couldn’t leave him again so I ran away to stay in Casper with him. I ended up calling my mom and we sorted things out and returned to my family about three weeks ago. Sawyer plans to move here as soon as he’s off youth diversion and we’re going to get married. But he’s taking our separation hard as expected. But here’s the real problem… he has a demon. When he tried to kill himself he was saved by what he calls a “reaper” as in soul reaper. It has led Sawyer to believe that the reapers choose where souls go, to a place like hell or to a heaven created by the persons mind. I know the supposed reaper is a demon obviously and it now lives inside him and comes out when he’s very angry or in danger. I know it sounds fantastical, maybe a lie he made up for whatever reason but it’s not. I wish could say it was but I’ve seen it take over briefly before and this is no joke. He means so much to me and he’s a great person. I’m young I know but this is real. I’m at a loss. I have to find some way to bring him to God but this demon has poisoned his mind and nothing I say really gets through to him. I need to say some serious warfare prayers but I can’t find any that fit the situation. I’m working on my own walk with the Lord lately but I’m struggling. Please, I need some advice desperately

  4. Dawn says:

    I pray this prayer everyday

  5. clay sipple says:

    I’m in my sleep and I’m having a dream about a friend that gets possessed. and as we’re helping her she with the demon in her turns to me and says I love you. We continue to fight the deamon. But for some reason I start to strip her naked and I taked. I suddenly wake up and as I get out of bed for some reason I fall into the wall next to the bed. I don’t know if I’m thrown or what. But my first though when I wake up is to go watch porn at 6am. But I knew this could not be right. So I sought out prayer instead. And this prayer has helped.
    Thank you Jesus for protecting me and giving just a moment of light so I may find you on a dark morning. I love Jesus. Amen

  6. Great says:

    please i need your prayers, i always find myself walking; talking, surrounded by women. always associating with women.

  7. Blake Lowman says:

    Hi I need some help please, Me and some friends we joking about going to check out a satanic location in NC. A few days later I have been hearing a tapping sound on my window every night. I asked my friends and they said they hear it also at their houses. I do not own any animals but my friends do and they said their animals have been acting very unusual at night. Excessive barking and horses were running wildly. I do not know if this means anything but most of us just started listening to a song by Lil Wayne called Paradice. I researched it and found it was about a women and a man who sold their soul to the devil. Everyone of my friends who has listened to this has had very weird experiences and we still are. We don’t know what is happening to us and we are all between the ages of 14-16. I am 16 and I do believe in God and all of my friends are also religious. Please help we do not know what to do and we are very scared. We have had cold chills on our arms and necks when we go into a church or talk about God. I pray almost every night and it feels as if their is a presence watching me a few feet away. I have seen orbs or whatever they are called right in front of my face and have videoed them but when I watch the video they are not there. We have no idea what to do beside pray to God to help us. Please give us some advice, Thank you very much

    • Rose says:

      Hi Blake, I just stumbled on your email just now. Am so sorry about what is happening to you. But I do understand. I also get stalked in the night some times. The only thing that helps me is calling upon the name of Jesus non stop and covering my flat and rooms or bedroom with his blood and also I call upon the Holy spirit whom Jesus gave us as our comforter to come and help me. I literally wake up and go on my knees and pray. Read psalm 23. You need to find a good christian church with prayer Worriers so they can help pray against this thing that stalks you at night .unfortunately the devil is also real so we can not joke about its world. You can’t feel ur mind with things of darkness and expect to get light. Darkness and light have no relationship at all. You love one and hate the other bt can not mix both. Satan usually uses our ignorance to torment us so please find yourself a bible and start reading it. God will guide you with his Holy spirit to know what to do. The bible says that my people perish because of lack of knowledge and this knowledge is found in the Bible.

      I pray that God will guide and deliver you and protect you with his shield and that he will hear your prayers when you call for his help.
      God bless you so much. Please stay avoid things and talks about the evil dark world because there’s no good in them and those evil spirits are always looking for an opportunity or a door to start tormenting you or stealing ur joy. Remember the devil comes to kill steal and destroy but Jesus came so that we may have life in full.
      Amen and Amen.

    • Chris says:

      There is a ton of evil in the world Blake… do not be deceived just because the world may say certain activities, music, etc are okay. The enemy tries to confuse us, make us compromise our values and instill complacency. Be humble and cover yourself in the protection and deliverance Jesus Christ offers. Call on him when you are being attacked. Fix your eyes on the Glory of God throughout the day and the enemy will not be able to take you. Stay diligent brother.

    • Anonymous says:

      you did very wrong thing at first…keep on praying and ignore the presence of evil… have a prayer meeting at home with your friends together with their parents. Do a prayer meeting in each of the house of your friends who were involved in that particular matter….have faith in GOd because he answers prayer…keep the faith and pray still

    • Audrelin says:

      Hi Blake,
      Pray to Archangel Michael and call upon the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to cover you his precious blood 7x. Have faith on God

      Prayer to St. Michael

      St. Michael the archangel depend us in battle be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and though, O prince of the heavenly host by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls amen.
      Say this words
      Human beings live not on bread alone
      Do not put the lord your God to the test.
      The lord your God is the one to whom you must worship
      Him alone you must serve. Say this 3 times.
      Ok, got to go now. May the almighty God Yahweh bless, you guide you and protect you.
      Forgot to say pray Psalm 91 & 121 from the holy bible.

  8. Elly says:

    Hello my Christian Brothers and Sister,

    May our Lord answer all our prayers in accordance to his will.
    I have been in a broken marriage for 10 years. My husband cheats, lies, abusive and emotional disconnected. I admit I have not been easy to deal with over these years either. I have not lied, cheated and kept any necessity from him that would hinder his love or growth as my husband and partner in life. I was told by his mother that he has a history of bipolar in there family. We have tried to seek help for this but his heart is not there. He seeks the company of parasitic people and lies with a passion to cover the truth of what he has done. I have not seen him in almost two weeks and we have two children 8 and 12. I want my husband to change. I feel the things that he does when he is bot in my presence. Why do I love him so pathetically? Why can’t I let this go. I have been tormented with these betrayals so long.

    Thank you and God bless

  9. GS says:

    This is the first time I am admitting this in public. But I need help and prayers.
    I have been a Christian for 9 years now. And I am 31. Since I was 16 I think I started having sexual encounters with men in my dreams. It is sometimes someone I know in real life and sometimes I can’t even tell you who the man is. As the years went by the dreams became more detailed to a point I am even ashamed to tell it.
    I am single and never been married. I had about 4 boyfriends in my life.
    Right now it is 4:33 am and I am on this blog because once again I had a similar dream. I prayed and prayed about this. Why is this still happening to me?

    • SJ says:

      I have met many people with the same problem! This is what they call “the spirit husband ”
      what it will cause:
      will not let you have a meaningful relationships
      will get you to have anger bouts for no reason
      may cause female genital problems
      could cause infertility and miscarriages
      could even cause poverty to mention but a few:

      renounce and divorce any spirit spouse
      cut yourself off from any evil flow
      Destroy all documents related in Jesus name and hopefully you will be free!
      if you practice any masturbation or watch porn you have to cut that out because it is a door that could invite these critters in Amen?

    • Anonymous says:

      continue to pray and do the right thing… do have only one boyfriend and tell them about the truth and try to change for the better….. God forgives if you are asking him to forgive you…..time to change..its never too late.

  10. Peggy says:

    Neal T. Anderson has 2 Books that are helpful to people struggling. “Victory Over the Darkness” and “The Bondage Breaker”.

  11. Ali says:

    Thanks for encouragement can y’all pray for me to stop all evil and

    doing and stop smoking a.d that my when body will be heal and closer walk with Jesus


    I would like to inform you that if prayers dont work for you, please find a church nearby you and do check if there is a 3-4 Day retreat, i think it should be there once in a month according to your parishes, or else if you wish to visit india you can and visit and see how the holy spirit leads you…..



  13. Broken John says:

    Deaf Jesus

    Daily Spending hours in prayers every night to the deaf JESUS and morning getting up with fresh set of evil spirits. Even before getting up when my sense started to wake up I get them.
    Very few days before, one fine night after hours of Prayer, JESUS delivered a good daemon to my dream that I ended up shouting “Bastard Jesus” twice and my wife suddenly woke me up. WHAT A SHAME?
    All these are gifted to me after asking the below to JESUS,
    Faith in JESUS like Job
    Courage in JESUS like David
    Dedicate life to JESUS like Moses, Abraham
    Then Love & Live for JESUS.
    So how come he can do this to me?

    My prayers are never listened. When I get some thoughts about anything that “this will happen like this” things are happening exactly opposite.
    It’s been years I had a peaceful sleep. Not even a single week is left without seeing evil spirits in dream.

    When I read Bible, I got some thoughts and shared the same, thinking that JESUS is giving me some good vision about GOD. It has been then clearly proved and proclaimed as evil thoughts by believers.

    Guys ask your JESUS to kill me rather than changing my self in to an agent of 666.
    I gave up.

    • says:

      For the pass few yeas I have been going through this demonic spiritualexperience in my lie. I have prayed and prayed. I know God is a God of time and my healing will come. I the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I thank God for Jesus. My healing will come. The Devil will never have Dominion our mylife and my love for God. Amen ans Amen.

    • Nelle says:

      Let me start from the beginning. My whole life has been a struggle. Long story short…I have gone through being molested, raped, all different levels of abuse throughout the first 25yrs of my life. And I am 34 now. God started dealing with me in my twenties about all the anger and bitterness I have been carrying around with me. He told me that I didn’t need to carry that baggage around anymore. What has happened to me was out of my control. The truth is bad things happen. This is life and it either makes us or it breaks us! So I turned it all over to God and he took those burdens from me.I actually had peace in my life for the first time and it was so wonderful!
      I was good up till 2 years ago. I got hurt again but this time it was by some of the members of my church. The sad thing was they were so close to me I actually considered them my family. I felt so betrayed. Im not going to go into any detail of what happened but lets just say I left the church over it. I was so hurt that I didn’t want any part of another church. My reasoning was why should I go to another church just to get close to more ” so called christians” and end up hurt all over again? I started getting bitter and taking up my old ways again. I started drifting further away from God. It was so obvious that my new husband (I have been with him two years now) took notice and ask me what happened to me? He told me I’m not the same sweet lady that he fell in love with. I will never forget this…He broke down crying. He said you were so loving and now you’re so distant and cold. Thank God he is still by my side and has not left. I have got a good man thank you Jesus for putting him in my life. But anyways…back to my point. I started getting suicidal and cutting myself. I had convinced myself that it relieved the pain. Then I noticed that odd things started going on in my homes.(hauntings) I started seeing and feeling things that were not natural. And it was not just me that noticed this my husband, my family, my friends and even my dogs took notice to the hauntings.I started watching ghost hunter shows on tv and researching demons and spirits and started opening doors I should have not opened and I knew this and did it anyway. I was in a full blown spiritual attack and I was the target. I know what started the whole thing! It was my bitterness that started all of this. The truth is sin separates us from God. I allowed bitterness to separate me from God. Satan wants us to get off by ourselves so that he can separate us from our shepherd and the rest of the flock so he can finish us off. And thats exactly what he did to me but he didn’t finish me off! God opened my eyes just in time! And He did it in a loving way. So dont be so quick to give up! Keep fighting the good fight of faith! God is still with you! I want to encourage you to look deep. Look for the root of whats causing the problem. In my case it was bitterness. What is causing the separation between you and God? The truth is God don’t ever walk away from us! We are the ones that walk away from Him! We need to have a good relationship with God and communicate often with Him. The truth is being a christian is not easy at all. Im not saying that everything is perfect now because its not! That was just one more battle I made it through and Im sure theres a lot more to come. Trust me you want God in your life! He has already fought and won the battle against satan! So why are we even allowing him to get a foothold in our life?

      • Anonymous says:

        Before I got to the point of reading about your cutting an answer was already bubbling in my mind. Once you got to the cutting part, it was confirmed. All that you are describing is a condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder. Look for a therapist with knowledge in Dialectic Behavior Disorder.

        • michelle says:

          Honestly, to come on a Christian page and put the World’s label on her is completely the work of Satan. (Not that you are satan or possessed-this is just how it all works.)
          Jesus Christ is the answer and prayer and deliverance are the answers.
          I actually share a similar story to you and have been through my own struggles with being sexually abused as well as multiple other things that affected my life. I was raised in cgurch and had a good foundation in the Word but I had no clue that you could have demonic spirits from your ancestors or things outside of just your own sins. I found this to be true, though, when, after i had suffered the same issue with rejection by the members of my church (which is the attack of the devil, by the way), i also turned away and after a time, i became a completely different person and did so many things to myself and in my life (no thanks to these spirits having control) that kept me in unforgiveness to both others as well as myself. I was delivered, through prayer from upwards of 10 demonic spirits this past Thursday and am watching God prepare a path of great things to come. It is very important to remember and be on guard that Satan can use ANYONE, Christian or unbeliver, against you. Thanks for sharing your story. :-)

    • Gideon says:

      Brother, I request you to change your identity from broken John to victorious John.
      The world itseft is of all + and -.. So if minus is ter, then plus is there for sure.

      If demon exists, then really God exist. If u believe in demonic things and power, how much more u need to believe in the power of God..

      Making you to give up is demon’s work. But raising you up above to fly like an eagle is God’s work.

      Good to know that you had much torchers from satan.
      Now BELIEVE that God is waiting for you to raise up… Come on.. Raise up.. I’ll pray for you.. This is your day of victory.. Note it in your diary.. Comit your life and See miracles from today..

      contact me with

    • Chanel says:

      Reading this scared me, Jesus is not doing anything to you the devil is a liar everything your experiencing is the devil. Our father is waiting on you to call on him and mean it truly seek him. When you start your walk with the Lord you will have demons trying to break you don’t give in don’t give up have faith. I pray you find peace in Jesus Christ is where it lies. Go get prayed over soon. And keep going those demons will leave you alone .

    • Pastor Solomon says:

      good day, To be free please read 2Timothy 4:18 and 1John 5:18
      god bless you.

    • elder delaney jones says:

      The Word say try the spirit by the Spirit, and it states the Satan will come in pretending to be an angel of next time you have a dream as such plead the blood quote God’s promise over your life. Soon you, will be quoting them in your sleep . You my be tormented because of the opposite you are a direct opposition to the anti-christ .. so do not get weary in well doing according to scriptures for in due season your change shall come if you fail not.

    • Anonymous says:

      do you really think that Jesus will give that matter to you? if so, why would not fight against it, you know man Im not good at bible but I TRUST our HEAVENLY father…everytime I am given a challenge I am not tired of calling his name even though my life is not as good as the others have.
      To reflect on it, I thank God for the problem he gave me for he measures my faith to him..You can talk to him prayers man.. pls keep the faith..don’t be decieved by evil.

  14. Ana says:

    This past year, (2014) I have been in 3 accidents. 1- falling down my staircase and minorly injuring my back and neck. 2- Falling on the back of my head while iceskating, re-injuring my back and neck again but much worse. 3- Just two weeks ago I was in a car accident, again re-injuring myself. I fully believe in God and trust Him with all my heart. I’m 19 and am not sure what I believe about the spiritual realm. I believe it exists, but past that am uncertain. I ask God all the time why these things happened all in one year and what He might be trying to teach me. I am constantly in pain. While talking to my mom tonight, she told me she had been praying about my back all day and felt God telling her that there is a spirit settling in my back. She told me to ask God about it and ask Him to reveal it to me. I’m not sure how to pray or how to get rid of it if, indeed, it is settling inside of me. Overall this just scares me a weirds me out quite a bit.

    • elder delaney jones says:

      Pick book called pigs in the parlor it’s a Spiritual Warfare deliverance book, Google it and it will help you tremendously pray the scriptures that Hammond and his wife, have assembled.. But God will set you free this book will confirm what you are going through…older book but it’s helping me a lot.

  15. JL says:

    Hi I’m a 18 year old girl living in singapore. I came across this blog while I was searching for prayers. I have been harrassed by spirits for a year or more. I’m not a Christian, my family members are all Buddhist. We have sought many ways such as consulting priests to chase the evil spirits away, speaking to monks and even going to the temple to improve my luck so spirits wouldn’t follow me home. I had this problem which only happens at night when I’m falling asleep. The spirit will disturb me by tugging my feet, pulling my hand and just pushed me with the right force just enough to wake me up. I can’t see it but I can feel it sometimes. We managed to chase spirits away for this year but everytime a spirit is being chased away, another follows me home and the same thing happen again. I’m really losing hope my friends have encouraged me to turn to Christ to seek help. Does anyone have any idea what I can do ? Or has anyone experience the same thing ? I really want this to stop so badly, it’s been affecting me so much.

    • Jeremy says:

      When a believing person prays, wonderful things happen. I am 17 years old, I have been Christian since 13. Demons are horrible beings. Someone who was my friend turned to demonic worship recently. I am heartbroken over it, but I know that prayers will help. They turned away my Best friends fathers cancer, made someone I know functional even though she was supposed to not be able to talk or move for the rest of her life, and they have helped me through countless struggles. Prayer works. Jesus works. My Facebook is Jeremy Hazard Syron. You can contact me if you want to talk about it more. Keep strong.

    • Melodie says:

      Hello. My name is Melodie and I live in the United States. I am very familiar with your situation. I have had experiences similar to what you are going through. You are not alone, and Jesus is always there with you even when it feels like He’s not. When spirits harrass me or try to scare me, I call on Jesus out loud and ask for his help. I ask him to protect me, cover me with the blood of Jesus. As a Christian, when we truly ask Jesus to come into our hearts and believe in him, Christ has given us the authority over Satan and all of his demons (spirits, ghosts) to cast them out. It is best to have other christians pray with you about this, but sometimes we are alone when they attack and we have to rebuke them ourselves. All it takes is faith in Jesus, and faith in the fact that He has given us the gift of authority over spirits, through Him.
      Please contact me through e-mail, facebook, Line or twitter- Melodie Za.
      I know this is a lot of information to take in at once, but I would love to help. I would love to talk to you more. You are not alone in this.

    • Michele says:

      Every time you place your trust in some “power” other than Jesus Christ, you are attracting evil into your life. It’s like a huge KICK ME sign. :-) Sometimes it manifests physically, as you are experiencing. Get a Bible. Examine Christ’s claims of being the only Way, Truth and Life. He never said He was “a way.” He said He is THE WAY to our Father God. Google all the parts of the Bible where He defeats Evil. Where nothing else worked BUT Him. He is your only saving grace….hence the term “salvation.” (I am trying to explain this where it will make sense to a non- believer, without the “religious” words.) Jesus didn’t come to be a “religion” or to be worshipped every Sunday in a pew or even as a statue. He came because we needed Him 2,000 years ago and still need Him today. There are only two powers from which everything flows: Good- God and Evil-Satan. Make up your mind which Camp you are in. “Choose today whom you shall serve….” – Joshua 24:14-15

      • Michele says:

        Also consider this as a possible Blessing: the Lord uses many things- including evil -to draw us close to Him. Maybe this is what He is using with you. His Plan for your life (after discovering the Truth of the Gospel) may involve working with others who are being harassed as you were. I was 19 when I first began my calling into this ministry…… God bless you. :-)

    • Benard says:

      Hi JL i want to thank the lord for keeping as this far. secondly i want to appreciate the fact that you have decided to seek help no matter the challenge. let me encourage you that what is tormenting you is not permanent but temporary for Jesus said in John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.. James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. To you my sister you need to believe in Jesus. Mathew 18:11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost. The demons are after you call on Jesus he is able to rescue you. need Dliverance Come to Jesus. ask him to forgive you your sins and renounce the devils and his work in the Name of Jesus. Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. i pray that God may remember you. i bind every satanic spirits send in my life in Jesus Name.

    • Rosie says:

      Hello JL,my name is Rosie and i had that experience when i started going to church and was saved,while i turned to God i myself felt bad spirits in my home,they even got to my 5 yr old by waking her up frantically in her sleep she felt scratches down her back! I was so angry that they are cowards, they attack the weak,please be strong and keep God in your life,dont give up,dontlose faith,pray day and Night ,God Bless you

    • Chanel says:

      Sweetie no demon has no power over you keep calling on the Lord get you a bible and pray seek him god see’s your pain have faith. There is so much power in faith. When that demon tugs you or push you haller get out of here you have no authority over my life I am a child of God. Go to church and stay in your bible god has a plan you just stay strong and believe.

    • Anonymous says:

      MY friend.. I do have the same experience…you know what I do…I stop thinking about evils and ignore them…I focus on our heavenly father and had a prayer meeting in our house every weekend. Keep the faith..ignore the evil..focus on God above and talk to him at your prayers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have had negative dreams since childhood. I did not grow up in a Christian household. My parents belonged to’s rationasilm christian. Founded in brasil. They believe in reincarnation, they would send bad spirits to the world in which they belong to. My mother was supposedly a medium. Although I was forced to go there as a child, I was prayed to God every night not knowing who god truly was.
    I was abused all my childhood. I had my children going but raised them to believe jesus is the son of God. I have raised them to put God first in all they do.
    I am 38 now and still have negative spiritual dream s. I keep getting attacked..its horrible. It has happened three times this week already. I wake up screaming the name of Jesus. I am also calling on Jesus in the sleep. Granted I wake up but still feel a negative heavy presences. I don’t know what to do any why it keeps happening
    Please help

    • Natane says:

      Dear sister in Christ,
      Because of your childhood, evil spirits were in a sense “entertained”. Whether your parents understood this or not. Since you had the knowledge of God and prayed to him evil has tried to keep you say from him. That is why they are coming after you in your dreams and you can feel an oppressive presence. I went through this as well. Jesus gives us authority over evil. Every time you sense evil say this “Satan I bind thee in Jesus name!” The enemy must flee. make sure after you ask the Lord to fill you with more Holy Spirit! Stay strong in him, read his word everyday, pray throughout the day and eventually these attacks will cease. Be sure to be obedient as well. If you slip up repent right away. I hope this helps you. Going to say a prayer for you now. God bless you. If you need anything email me Love, your sister in Christ, Natane

    • SJ says:

      Hello there,
      I know that dreams give us clues about what is happening in our physical world with us so the dreams are telling you a story about what you have to address…..Your childhood has a lot to do with it even your parents because they entertained that world… need to get deliverance….You need to renounce any connection to that dark world and repent on behalf of your parents and fore fathers to the Lord Jesus……..Say….I break my covenant with any false religion and any ungodly soul ties in Jesus name…..Lord Jesus my covenant is with you and I declare every other broken in Jesus name…….I declare all strangers in my life hereby nullified and every activity and effect of non effect in Jesus name!

  17. Chiryl says:

    I’ve been literally followed and tormented all my life. He’s there at all times. Fasting and prayer, prayers, cleansing home, pleading blood of Christ, nothing works. It’s agony. Went to pastor for help and was told he wasn’t coming because he had no clue what to do and didn’t want to make it worse. That’s scary! What’s scariest of all is , our leadership tells us to put on full armor of God. That our fight is not with people but with powers and principalities of this world . Yet, they have no clue how to fight what they are preaching to us to fight. I’m still searching for answers. It started for me as a baby in my crib , I’m 48 now. All I ever end up with are more questions, zero relief.


    • Shirley says:

      Dear Child of God, My battle began in the crib as well. God has predestined some of us, and the devil knows it, including our disobedient family members. These are tormenting spirits to whom the door must be shut. It is difficult to even pray when you live in their midst. I pray for Christians under persecution to be delivered from the hands of Satan and his demons. God has a destiny for you, and I bind the steps of those whom pursue you and dispatch my angels in Jesus Name to protect you.

    • Jennifer says:

      I encourage you to find a new church who has strong believers and pastors that will help you. There are many churches but not many that truly believe and are knowledgeable and fearless but ask God to help you and continue to pray and trust that he will lead you. It sounds to me that you have a generational curse on you that can be broken but you need to denounce and ask God to reveal any hidden sins. Lifting you in prayer.may god bless u.

    • Anonymous says:

      just like the verse int the bible that says: good works are not assurance for your slot in heaven but by the faith to our heavenly father itself…try to reflect.

  18. Kerri Solomon says:

    My whole life my family has mistreated me both verbally and emotional. Just last sunday, My sister, brother, nephew, and mom tried to jump me. And Im pregnant. 6 months! My brother threw me down on my bed. My Dad has hit me countless times. I had to call the police. He would lie and say I abused my child. Just to put me in jail. This January, I went to Jail for having a knife cuz My brother choked me and slammed me on the ground. I almost passed out. My mom lies about everything. I still live here. I just need prayer to get a job and move or just move into a shelter. Thanks!

    • joejoe says:

      my friend don’t give up keep saying this prayer and believe in it everyday and watch GOD do wonders in your life, i can’t say i feel your pain but i know wat u going through, remember the enemies job is to take u out b4 coming to Christ so u have the power to stop it amen

    • Anonymous says:

      I have prayed for you and your situation, but remember this, greater is the power that is in me than in the world. Satan has no power over our God and saviour! Pray and surrender yourself, give yourself to God, body mind, spirit. If you surrender everything to God and your entire situation and problems will be his as well. He will be your ship to ride through this storm and you will stop drowning in the evil waters. If you only knew my past and seen what God has done for me and the miracles I have seen him preform in my life ! He only wants to be first in your life and for you to surrender to him ! God is the truly awesome ! Love him and watch him love you back! ! I hope it gets better ! If you pray and let God in; it will ! Have faith !

    • KATHY R. says:


  19. jaime avalos says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m praying for you. I can really relate to alot of things you described when it comes to making wrong decisions & especially financial ones. I’m praying that you will have victory over the things that keep pulling you down. God does not want you to stay defeated & He will provide a way out for you. You can’t do it in your own strength & it sounds like you need other believers to stand with you & help you through it. ‘May God Bless you & your family

    • Bmke says:

      Seek God my Friend all I can say it’s a simple as that, I’ve had my trials and tribulations with drugs and alcohol but the lord brung me out. Even had encounters with unclean spirits which do exist as does God. But God has all power against these things, Ask the Lord to come, and save you, ask God to indwell you with the holy spirit. This choice you make will be the right choice, stay in pray, read the word of God and seek a church, and you will see a change, Jesus Christ Lord and savior.

    • Berdenia Faye Broes says:

      Dear Jamie, I was a single Mom to 3 children, when min. wage was $1.42 an hr. I raised other kids that came into our life in one way or the other. So I KNOW. You have to get up in the morning and THANK the Lord Jesus for the BLESSINGS you have. And throughout the day every time you think about, Thank & PRAISE him for always being there, in your children, in their health, and Praise him for your sobriety. BELIEVE it but, this is the answer to your problems. Ask HIM to guide & direct you in every decisions. Until you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. God will send the right woman to you. And you don’t have to search. He is a merciful and almighty Lord. He will work in ways that you KNOW are of HIM. BEING POSITIVE, LOVING your self & your children, encourage & inspire them, & I ASSURE you that the Lord Jesus will be right there. He is NOT a negative God. Remember the words that come out of your mouth has POWER!!! Complaining only gets more of what you are complaining about. Speak in terms like, I PRAISE you Lord for the job coming my way, and thank you Lord for the MIRACLES of comfort, food, rest, my amazing children, my friends, and helping me to be the man that you have created me to be. HELP me to have the faith to move mountains, and to lead my children to a faith & trust in you. Go to a Spirit filled Church, read the word and allow HIM to lead you out of the darkness. I PROMISE you that it works. I have had more MIRACLES in my life. Because of my walk with my Lord & Savior Jesus. A Foursquare CHurch is always Spirit filled. And you may just meet the perfect woman that the Lord created just for you… And they are always there to pray with you and help you. God BLESS you Jamie

      • Carrie says:

        Wow very well said… Words have power and speaking out loud and praising our Lord and Savior has amazing results. I hope this young men had an opportunity to read your comment, completely derived from the Holy Spirit.

  20. simply says:

    I feel dead like I am going through the motions. I have a son that is not motivated at all..refuses to do any work, has violent outbursts if gotten onto, financial woes, health woes, 83 year old Mom that drains me..I am just weary and tired. I work full time with special needs kids…please help me pray out of this

    • Anonymous says:

      God deeply and passionately cares for you and your situation. We do not have a God who is unfamiliar with our struggles and sufferings. Our Christ, who has endured all the worldly nastiness imaginable, says “Take heart I have overcome the world”, and when Revelation (3:12) speaks of you it calls you an overcomer as well.
      Take heart Beloved, seek the God of all comfort, he has already heard you on my account.
      Love you

  21. Karie says:

    I am in misery. I have been under a demonic attack of horrific proportions. I lost my father almost a year ago & right after that time I started hearing demonic voices with terrible messages about my eternity & visions of what they would do to me in Hell. Before losing my Christian father, I heard choir music in the house that sounded peaceful & had to be from Heavenly angels, but after he was gone, I have been taunted continuously. This has made my grief even harder to deal with. I didn’t know that demons could read our minds, but every time I try to pray, I have a demonic spirit immediately speak back to me by saying ‘I don’t want you to ask me for anything ever again.’ Even though I know it is a demon, it makes me feel that God doesn’t want to hear from me. I sometimes utter prayers when I’m first waking up in the morning & every single time I hear a demon speak back to me, reading all of my thoughts. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear from the Holy Spirit again. No matter how many times I pray for deliverance from these nasty spirits, they always come back & taunt me DAY & NIGHT with NO letup. I have lost all peace & my life has suddenly turned miserable. I was saved in my teens & never doubted my salvation but now I have lost all assurance. I wonder why God would even allow this to happen to me (especially every time I pray). I feel that there has been a demon especially assigned against me to repeat my thoughts to me. I feel an evil current around me all the time & that is equally as terrifying as the voices. I’m 30 so have been told this is not schizophrenia. I have had Christian counselors tell me that these voices are coming from my own brain. I KNOW this isn’t true – the messages are pure evil & I have never lost my love for God or Jesus Christ. I’m terrified of God now & feel that the remainder of my life will be spent with no joy or peace- now that I have entered into a new and terrifying daily existence of demonic torment. NOTHING works. Not even a deliverance couple that prayed over me. They told me that sometimes even if the demons leave, new ones could come back. That was no comfort at all. I am memorizing scripture & I live in a Christian household. I’m doing everything I can do. There is nothing more important to me than knowing I will be in Heaven for eternity. Will someone please pray that I will have that assurance – even if I have to endure this agonizing trial, I just need to know that God still loves me & that I won’t be in Hell for eternity.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post- I read through & prayed for everyone that posted a request. I want to be able to help other people, not focus on myself, but this is making me completely debilitated. (even now as I pray for everyone else, I have demons taunting me continuously).

    • Odilene says:

      Sorry, to hear your story, I can only imagine how you must feel. I disagree with those counselors but you should spend some time fasting and you should also read Rebecca Brown “Vessel of Honour”

      • Karie says:

        Thank you for your advice! I’ve ordered the book & I’m sure it will help. I did fast at one point but I’m going to do it again & really put prayer behind it. It meant alot to have someone reach out to me that doesn’t even know me. I’m praying that God will bless you. Love in Christ to both you & the other believer that wrote to me. You both will never know how much it meant & has sustained me to know that someone cares.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh believer, I’m so so sorry. In tears because of the evil and nasty schemes that are being plotted against you. I have been through similar experiences, dismay, fear, and complete demonic torment and I absolutely wish that on no one.
      I pray in faith, right now that every evil spirit leave Karie in Jesus name. I rebuke you for tormenting that which is not yours, you are not allowed back. God thank you, for your namesake.

      Karie God is so good and he loves you so incredibly much. He has demonstrated this unconditional love on the cross, once an for all, finished. Salvation for all who would believe. You believe, you are a women who fears The Lord, how beautiful. Do not be deceived away from the simplicity that is in the Christ (2 Cor 11:3) love you sister, bless you

      • Karie says:

        Thank you for your caring message. It really comforted me & I appreciate your strong prayer. I’ve read & re-read the note because it helped me so much. I am praying for blessings to come to you. You’ve reached out in a way that had a huge impact on my healing.

    • Bmke says:

      Karie, I read your comment i too was tormented by unclean spirits, they actually entered into my being. But by the Grace of God and the Holy Spirit, they were removed these unclean spirits are relentless, and you have to be too. In prayer don’t give up, read the bible, go to church, If you can get holy water get some. And drink it as a cleansing for your body, God hears your prayers and he will come and aid you. I will pray for you, never give up. in Jesus name we pray.

    • Berdenia Faye Broes says:

      Dear Kari, It’s SIMPLE to get those evil Spirits gone. There is SO MUCH POWER in PLEADING the BLOOD of Jesus. And what you do not know, is that you need to clean yourself, your home, your car, and your place of work. A SPIRITUAL CLEANSING is essential. Go to the 4 corners of your home, anoint them with any kind of oil. The doors coming in and going out. Also the 4 corners of the property. Pray this: I renounce any SPIRIT than is NOT of the Lord Jesus CHrist, to be gone in & by the POWER of the BLOOD of Jesus that was shed on Calvary. Be GONE !!!As far as the south is from the north & as far as the east is from the west. You SATAN have NO hold on me or my family, my mind, heart soul or spirit. I am brought & PAID for by the BLOOD of Jesus. And SHOUT with all your might. For the BLOOD of Jesus is OVER every area of darkness in my home. Do the same in your car. Put on Praise & Worship Music. Get up every morning Praising & Thanking him for all of the blessings you have. SPEAK the word & promises of our Savior. SPEAK positive, get into a good woman’s Bible Study. PRAY for the Holy Spirit to give you an abundance of faith, & trust in HIM. Praise HIM morning noon & night. For the POWER of your words are AMAZING. Complaining gets you exactly what you are complaining about. We serve a positive & AWESOME LORD!!!! And you will be shocked at how everything in the air changes. Do a Spiritual Cleansing as often as needed. It’s the same as taking a bath, cleaning your home, or car. You never know when someone comes in that brings a spirit with them that is not of the Lord. Get with positive people that you are uplifted & you can uplift them. Donate your time with those that need help. It takes away the focus on you and puts it in those that need you. Jesus LOVES you and HE can always build on the faith, that will set you FREE in HIS Holy Spirit. Restore yourself in HIM, HIS word and HIS promises. I PLEAD the PRECIOUS BLOOD of Jesus over you Kari, in His Almighty Name…Amen & Amen!!!!!

    • Daizy says:

      I’m going through the same thing as you exactly.

    • Barbara says:

      Read Psalms 91 when you are troubled with this unclean spirit. God bless you!

    • Chanel says:

      Demons have no authority over our life we are children of God call on him I swear he will be there just keep calling sometimespecially it’s just a test of faith.

    • Jamie Lee says:

      Hi Karie ,
      I am in a battle with the same issue with demonic spirits, the demonic spirits constantly like to taunt us, and say things too us : “don’t pray or ask for anything anymore” , God is not listening to you ect.. My dear these are all things that the demon wants us to belive so that we will give up, when they do this say thsese words : I demand you to leave my GET OUT OF MY in Jesus Name! You have no control over me I am a child of God in the name of Jesus Christ! Jesus is the only one allowed in my body and in my soul in the Name of Jesus Christ! They Hate the word Jesus! Keep strong sister! We will make it though! Keep praying to GOD and Jesus don’t let the demon try and keep you from internal everlasting life and faith.

  22. Erica says:

    My home has turned into a mad house, my uncle is trying to sleep with my sister. I need prayer to remove these demons from the home I’m living in , also I need prayer for me to get a better job so I can move and afford all amenities. I need prayer for healing, forgiveness and keeping faith Thur hard times. I know the Lord loves me and he hears me but I really need a change in my life cause its bad right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are completely correct God hears your every word before it touches your lips. Believer you are a special possession of God, individually set apart and plucked out of the bunch by your God. Christ left heaven and got the worst of it in the world..but he was ALWAYS a son. You have been adopted, wholly accepted in the Beloved, made as a heavenly light for that darkness. Stay in the Word and draw strength from the only true source, 1 Peter 1:6-9 is Gods Word to you. Praying for you sister.

    • Bmke says:

      God hears your prayers Erica, stay in prayer the Lord is soon to come, read the word every day from the old testament to the new. Find a church, I pray the lord will place a hedge around you. May the holy spirit come into your life through our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    • mary says:

      When we stand praying (for ourselves and others) we are instructed to forgive. Faith is an action word. Forgive that Uncle and put your trust in Jesus! Our battles are with the devil and all of his demonic entities and forces. Prayer is (also an action word) and God’s way of hearing from us. He wants to know what you believe about the situation and what His Word instructs you to do. The craziness you are experiencing is of course the devil’s ploy to make you believe that God isn’t doing His job. But Jesus did it all for us through the finished works of the cross. He said so with His dying breath “It is finished”. Everything you need and or want that is in line with God’s Will, Plan and Purpose for your life is waiting for you to receive it. We as God’s children, are to do as He says and say what he says about the situation. Although, you won’t find a chapter with the particular title you may be looking for there are millions of resources available on these subjects. The battle is the Lord’s and He will send His angels to minister to your requests. People can pray for you, but you too must pray. You may not be the eloquent prayer warrior Like we hear in Church or on TV, but God knows our heart and you can go before Him with one simple word of prayer, such as “help” and Jesus who is our intercessor will translate to the Father exactly what Our Heavenly Father needs to know about your situation. You, however should check your faith and spiritual tanks for faith levels. Are you a believer, have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior? We will find far better results when we are in line with God. Pray this; Father God, I come before you repentant of all my sins, and if You will, I know that only you can help me. I believe that Jesus is your son, who lived, died and rose again. I accept him as my Lord and savior. Save me Lord and bless me so that I may bless all those I come in contact with. Thank You for saving me I am Your child, and I am saved. Now fill me with Your Holy Spirit, so that He will lead and guide me into all truth. All these things I ask for in the Mighty Name of Jesus….AMEN!

  23. CC says:

    My my son and his wife. He has turned his back upon God He is married to a woman that is bisexual. Which I did no know. Three children under the 5. They believe in open marriages. A lot of prayer going out for them, and I’m starting to see a change in his life. Not his wife though she has now came out to the world as bisexual. They have now moved in a 22 year old girl, daughter in law (dil) just loves her. My dil and my son had friends that were into Wicca. A new girl has moved in to help with rent. I sensed a spirit about her as soon as I met her. Something is not right! I went to check out her fb. Satanic stuff everywhere! I am watching satan pull in my dil. Protect mygrandbabies please dear God! My sons is loss just buries his head.

    • Francisca says:

      Praying for your son, grandbabies and entire family to join together in united prayer. Our Father God will protect him sending his hosts of angels to surround him and open his eyes and bring to his rememberance of how good the Lord has been to him.

      Stay strong in faith brother!

    • Bmke says:

      May the lord bless them, even though the enemy is looming around, and may God protect the little ones. The lord see’s all nothing is hide from his sight, nothing is spoken that he does not hear. Stay in prayer always.

  24. CC says:

    Need prayer asap!

  25. Danielle says:

    Please pray for me and my family from the evil spirits of my psychotic neighbor and her husband, they have disturb my peace and closeness to God, they have wanted to crush my faith by destroying my peace and my familiy because they have envy. Please I ask not only for me and my family deliverance from evil but also that God cast away any bad spirits my next door neighbor and her husband and family have againt us. I am trying so hard to keep my peace in the Lord and the devil wants to destroy my family happiness. Please pray for us to keep faith in the Lord strong, for protection and peace for me and my family. Thank You

    • Bmke says:

      It’s the enemy at work, but keep in prayer , the enemy is everywhere nowadays and it’s proof that the Lord is soon to come. These unclean spirit can sense it that’s why their pushing their attacks. But pray to the almighty to give you strength and peace of mind in Jesus name we pray.

  26. veronica says:

    Please pray for me everyone… I have such problems on my marriage where I feel that my husband is the devil himself.. his eyes turn black and he becomes pure evil

    • charnah oraya says:

      yes we will help you through praying

    • liza says:

      Dear Veronica,
      I know exactly what you are going through because I am experiencing the same exact thing and when I came up against him and bound and cast out these spirits they intensified and he admitted that he sold himself to the devil. Pornography and the soul tie to a jezebel spirit has been the doorway to this evil bondage. Obey God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

  27. Clarissa says:

    People at my church tell me God has given me a gift. But it can be very scary at times. I see evil spirits and have yet to see any angels. I have been told that God has a plan for me bigger then I could ever imagine. I have started hearing messages from God from time to time but they are very vague. I have managed for months to keep the evil at bay but it recently showed itself to my son. It taunted him and acted as if it was coming after me even though it cannot hurt me, but he is only 8 and doesn’t understand. I now find myself in a bigger battle to protect my son. But this time the evil did not intimidate me instead it made me angry. I find myself praying against it at night, praying over my son and leaving my bible open to psalms 23. If anyone has any advice that could be of any use please let me know. My e-mail is my name is Clarissa.

    • Bmke says:

      Just stay in prayer like your doing it’s the enemy attacking you now that your closer to God their coming they do it to me. I was blessed to have vision, and the presence of the holy spirit, but they will still come at you. It’s but so much they can do if you have a close relationship with Christ. So they attack through family and friends and you can discern their attacks. May God bless and watch over you and your family.

  28. Johannah says:

    Brenda, just learn few scriptures in the bible, memorise them, when this attack comes, tell them, that no weapon formed against shall prosper, God never gave you a spirit if fear. I had gone through, suicidal thoughts, thoughts of killing my own child, who was really helpless, it tells you exactly how the devil is a coward, I prayed for this child, why would I want kill her?? Remember, He is loving God, maybe the devil is seeing what good plans God had in store for you, maybe you are going to heal the sick, maybe you will pray and things will start happening, don’t be too hard on yourself, I pray from Psalm 91 and 51, everyday, I meditate on them, and get someone to pray with you. The devil does not attack those he already has, he attacks the ones he does not have, so hang on to Jesus garment(prayer). We are serving a good God, and he loves us.

  29. Brenda says:

    Anyone know a spritual prayer I can say & read everyday???

    • Jamie Lee says:

      Our Lords Prayer
      Our Father who art in heaven,
      hallowed be thy name.
      Thy kingdom come.
      Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
      Give us this day our daily bread,
      and forgive us our trespasses,
      as we forgive those who trespass against us,
      and lead us not into temptation,
      but deliver us from evil.
      For thine is the kingdom,
      The power, and the glory,
      For ever and ever.

      Matthew 6:9-13 King James Version (KJV)

  30. tawania says:

    I been getting attack by evil spirits after this man walk pas me I had it for months I going through a lot God help me what to do ask in Jesus Christ name deliver me like mary m idont no how to spell her name

  31. Tracey says:

    Hi I have been depressed for 9months and battling horrible terrible thoughts of being one of the
    Unsaved I can’t feel any good feelings it’s like all my
    Warm feelings have been taken away I battle everyday
    Just to get through the day I have been attending healings through my
    Church to no avail I’m so scared to die my whole personality has
    Been taken away I’m so scared everyday am I truly lost please help

    • Anonymous says:

      Google Joseph Prince. He is a good pastor who preaches grace. His message will deliver you from your situation.

    • Marie says:

      could you find any help? search TB joshua ministry…trust me you will find answers

    • Magdalene says:

      Tracy – click link below on ” What is Salvation, and How Do We Know If We Are Saved?”

      Verify the Scriptures using your bible, and get them into your heart and mind. The Truth will set you free; it is not what you feel that counts, but what you believe. Believe the Truth. No one can do this for you; trust God and His Word, and the HS will empower you to stand and overcome fear. We are strong by putting on the armor of God
      10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

      which has everything to do with your understanding of salvation,

      example:Eph. 6:17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, etc. See Eph. 6: 10-20.

      God bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      I used this prayer and started to war against the evil one and went to other sites and used all the delivereance prayers and in two days I am free. I was on a medication and have no need for it. My mind if free and I have a holy standing in Christ and all the wicked ones accusation to the mind are gone. Search out deliverance prayers and use them …. Satan will flee from you

    • Oscar says:

      Just ask God to help you and he will.

      “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

      I highly recommend reading these books: VICTORY OVER THE DARKNESS and THE BONDAGE BREAKER both by Dr. Neil T Anderson.

      Take those pills and call me in the morning (

    • robert says:

      with so much evil around us our spirit becomes contaminated, we need to cleanse our
      spritie,sole. just like when we bathe to clean our bodys.
      may god bless you .

    • Bmke says:

      Tracey, stay in the church, stay in prayer, stay in Christ Jesus don’t give up, don’t give in the lord one time spoke to my mind. And said the lord will make a way, God see’s all and knows what your dealing with. Read the word of God, psalms 23 and 91 read them all if necessary, but stay with God he will come to you. In Jesus holy name we pray amen.

  32. Andrea says:

    Thank you for this prayer. Please pray for my son Isaac to come back to Christ he and I were baptised togetger. He let this unGodly world bring him down and deny the Lord. He used to sing pray love and worship the Lord but approaching 16 years old he needs prayer to come back. He is angry and hurt but he has the holy spirit deep down. He gets mad when I mention God or try to pray for him. Please keep him in yoyr prayers. As far as which craft spell posts on here dont be fooled by the enemy its not from God. I rebuke you satan. May the Lord Jesus Christ help you all with your needs and help my son come back. In Jesus name Amen

  33. michelle says:

    You will be fine in the name of Jesus

  34. Stella nassuna says:

    I thank God I have had this attack and it started with the left breast pain then whole chest with no medical issue.i have midnight prayers and first time I felt inside my chest so cold and I was shivering.i took anointing mediums held the bible to no avail till I called up a man of God at 1 am and he prayed then told me I had an attack from the enemy.when I slept I had dreams of a black kitten below my pillow and eating rice and beans in the dream.i am believing God that the chest pain will go soon.

  35. ernie says:

    I must always remember that my failures in life, doing wrong, is not doing GODS will. GOD’S love shown by Jesus’ sacrafice on the cross overcomes all the sin I have ever done. He knew on the that cross that ALL the sins that I have done or will ever do is forgiven by him and he still loves me to this day! I just pray to Jesus to forgive my sins, and I tell others that I beleive in him. Let Jesus do the rest.I dont rely on feelings but rely on faith. Feelings come and go but your faith is the key. God loves me no matter what I have done and his death and rising from the dead is more powerful than any sin I have done period. Jesus is a wonderful God! God doesnt operate by guilt but freedom from fear replaced by HIS love.

  36. angela says:

    This hit in the right spot. My husband and I have been going through some difficult times financially. This problem started when we got together 3 years ago. People in his family and some in mine have prayed for our marriage to fail. They have been praying for death upon my husband and every area of our life. We are at the point of losing what little we have and the storm is just unbearable. Satan has a hold of our finances and every time we are about to receive a financial blessing he interferes and takes it away. I know about tithing but at this moment we haven’t been able to go back to church since we lost our vehicle. I am tired of Satan meddling in our marriage and I need to fight to put a stop to this immediately. Enough is enough

    • Gen says:

      Hi Angela,

      Please continue to pray for your husband and yourself. God is more faithful than anyone or anything on this earth. I’m going through similar financial challenges and I’m relying on my faith in Jesus to bring me through. I will pray for your deliverance just as I pray for my own.

    • blessed by God says:

      The devil is a liar and the truth is no where in him and we come against him with the blood of Jesus and we declare and decree him and every evil spirit powerless. We rebuke the spirits of Boopa which try to cause men of God to fail,fall,die,end ministry or collapse church. No Power
      Santa which tries to prevents people from ideas visions, plans, for you and also prevent good things from you. No Power
      Shapo: which tries to bring irritation and evil burning sensation in the bodies of people. No Power
      MATATA which try to cause confusion and strike disaster. No Power
      TAATA: which tries to cause sicknesses in human beings. No Power
      Viper: is a wicked spirit, spirit of blood sucking, that tries to import evil minds and thoughts into people. No Power
      SHEE–: which tries to cause ethnic conflict or tribal wars. NO POWER
      FAMILIER SPIRIT–: is an agent of the devil who is in your family. No Power
      MAMMON SPIRIT–: which tries to prevent you from becoming rich, makes you misuse money, and also makes people misers, makes you use money wrongly, makes your money to be stolen, makes you selfish to give and causes poverty as well. No Power
      MARINE SPIRIT–: which tries to destroys marriages, marry people by so doing prevent them from marrying and giving birth, it also have sex with people in their dreams, it tempt men of God, makes people speak lustful words. Also causes unmarried people to watch pornography. No Power ABCON–: which tries to come against work, makes work not to be work, blocks customers and sales of goods and services, makes people lazy to work, will not allow you to make profit in business,will give you bad customers,cover your goods and stores with spider webs from the public. No Power
      ADAADA—: which tries to cause misunderstanding between friends ,brothers and sisters ,husbands and wifes etc No Power
      APATOO– which tries to rises against churches, it also drives members aways, it breaks churches, set confusion and quarrying in churches. NO POWER
      EMAASS–: which tries to controls secret society or occults. NO POWER
      ABOYO—: which tries to causes confusion on oneself, not know what to do. NO POWER
      BOOBO–: which tries to bring fear to people and makes them fail always.
      NIMADI–: which tries to bring in rejection, unfavour, no good will be extended to you. No Power
      NIMODE–which tries to prevents people to stay in one marriage, church, or stay success in one thing. No Power! And we pray that God will restore in Jesus Name Amen!

  37. Linda says:

    Dear Brenda,
    Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement starts sunset Friday 3rd October
    and ends sunset Saturday 4th October (for this year 2014),
    Fast all day, pray to G-d for your High Priest, Messiah Yeshua – Jesus Christ -
    to wipe away your sins and restore you.
    May G-d bless you with good health!

  38. Brenda says:

    Hey my name is Brenda I am 20 years old & I’m going through a lot & idk why I’m just full with badd thoughts I have sucide sucidal thoughts death thoughts full of badd vibes badd energy evil ways I’m just so scared & don’t know what too do or who too turn too because I don’t want too hurt anyone I just want too be safe live happy & get rid of these scary thoughts I feel so overwhelmed sometimes I don’t even want too be here anymore it becomes too hard too bare with please pray for me. & this feeling just came out of no way like 3-4 years ago & never left I’ve been battling with it every single day it’s too much.

    • LM says:

      Brenda, you need to go to the hospital immediately and seek the help of a mental health professional. Do not delay going if you are feeling suicidal.

      • Brenda says:

        I refuse too go too the hospital I don’t want too be stuck they’re I don’t want too feel crazy more then I already do & I don’t feel like being watched I just want my normal life back before all these thoughts & feelings came smh this makes me so sad that I even feel this way or even going through this.

    • Kimberly says:

      Brenda you’re a child of THE king, more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. Believe he can so he will help you! And keep on praying don’t give up the fight although it seems hard sometimes
      God bless sister keep your precious head up.

      • Brenda says:

        Giving up is not an option I’ve come along way why would I pick today or tomorrow too give up ??? I’ve been so depressed but I always keep my head up I just lost my mother my life 6 months ago too colon cancer she left 11 of us behind I want too make her proud by being as strong as she was smh :( I will pray pray pray until I am good.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Brenda,I would suggest you to pray and read scriptures on the mind and not just read that, but get into the habit of reading your Bible because that’s what gives us strength to stand.God’s Word is what’s going to sustain us.Now if need to go to a mental health doctor,pray and ask God if that s what you should do and if so ask Him to give you peace in doing so.God Bless you!!!!

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